How to Drive Highly Technical Projects as a Non-Technical Product Owner

Regardless of whether a project is ‘technical’ or not, every project has to deliver customer value and have a business impact. As a Product Onwer, it is your responsibility to establish and communicate that to the teams and to the stakeholders in all forums - whether it is in goal-setting, progress updates, demos and so on.
For the last 3 years, I’ve been working on backend scale and performance, which are fairly technical in nature. I recently got promoted and the feedback I received was that I was a good example of a “PM working on technical area”. At the same time, I keep battling a huge imposter syndrome because I don’t think of myself as “technical PM”. Upon reflection, it feels good to have made a significant contribution in an area I myself thought I wouldn’t be able to do well in! In this talk, I’ll share things that I thought worked well for me
Nikhil Kulkarni, Australia
Principal Product Manager at Atlassian
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